A bit of biography

I really hate to talk about me. Anyway, here is what some journalist wrote:

His father had painted for him few years ago, a miniature oil to decorate his boat, (two old fighting frigates) and he always asked him to paint another one in order to get a pair. But father was busy, and it never came. One day, reading a book of naval history, he stopped on a print of Trafalgar battle, and just thought : "Would be ideal for my pair. If Dad is able to paint what he paints, why should not be myself ?

With basic oil set, he began to paint a reproduction of what he saw on the book. Took him a month, to achieve a 5"x8" highly detailed (you may count the number of cannons of the battleships !) copy of an originally huge painting. He liked to do it and painted others naval battles.Without any knowledge of the basics, he built his own technique, and little by little freed himself from copying. For about twenty years he did, as a hobby, about 150 oil paintings, showing old times sailing ships of all kinds. They usually ended, sold or given from time to time to friends and family, directly or through some casual exhibitions.

In 1996, then settled in Palm Island, St Vincent & Grenadines, W.I. he was commissioned to paint a big underwater scene (8'x4'), from a dive fan friend. Obliged to paint it outside, according to the size, he was puzzled by the interest of people passing by, and anyway had fun to paint this new kind of subject.

He then painted some smaller underwater scenery which were sold immediately.Since then, the painting hobby turned in a real job, when medicine, (that he still practices as an emergency sailing doctor), turned in a secondary activity ! He barely succeeds to paint enough to achieve the many commissions he has, and keep a minimum stock. Technique is very classic : oil paint on canvas. He use both his own diving experience (now assisted by a digital camera with housing) and a lot of various documentation about fishes, corals, sponges ... for details.

His work is now displayed in few places of the Caribbean, like Antigua, Barbados, Bermuda, St Barth, and Florida... Out of his original work, he produced giclées, posters, jigsaw puzzle, playing cards, postcards ...