21st October 1805

This painting (36"x72" - 91x183 cm) was commissioned by an American gentleman, who wanted a highly detailed work.

I chose the view from the deck of the French ship Bucentaure at around 12:30. Nelson had divided his ships in two fleets which sailed perpendicular to the line of French and Spanish ships in order to dislocate it.

In a couple of minutes, the Victory (at the foreground) will fire all his broadside on the stern of the Bucentaure, destroying her completely and killing immediately 320 sailors.

The Victory then boarded the Redoutable (on the left) and was almost defeated when the Temeraire (on the right) boarded the French ship on the other side and reversed the situation. The second line of British ships, already in action, can be seen on the background.

The painting work in few steps and months