When did you begin to paint? In 1978, because I wanted a small oil to match the one my father has painted for my boat.
Did you have painting courses? No, I learnt by myself, little by little, painting old sailing boats for fun
When the hobby turned professional? In 1996, when I began to paint underwater subjects
How many hours do you paint per day? Zero to six hours. Average 4 hours
How many paintings do you make in a year? Around 60 few years ago. Now it is closer to 30, for I paint bigger paintings with more details
How long does it take to do a painting? Between 10 to 100 hours depending size and details. Average 30 hours maybe.
The whole process takes one to three months, to allow different lays to dry.
Do you paint from photos you shoot when diving? Years ago, I took UW digital pictures to remember some views which could do a nice painting.
I use plenty documentation for the details of fish and corals.