Was in fact quite special!

  Palm Island, in the middle of the Grenadines, is only 130 acres on which there is a luxury small resort and few private holiday homes, empty most of the time.

No stress, no problem, no pollution.

No cars, no traffic lights, just golf carts and one tractor.
We live there since twenty years and are now the only permanent residents of the island.

Anyway, we see many people coming from all over the world.

No supermarket, no shop, no office. We are satisfied with what we can have when we can have.

All the rest can wait.
  I settled one easel at the two main corners of the house.

Depending the wind, the light, the warmth and the mosquitoes, I'll paint by one side or the other.
Sometimes, I still have to do some doctoring.

Most of "patients" come home any time in the day.

But it happened to me, that I had to take my boat, by day or night, to assist people on their boat,
  No school. We always home schooled our daughters, and they discovered the real school at 15-16 years old.

Big change!
No entertainment, no theater...

We never wanted to have the TV, but we are well equiped in home theater.

The best restaurant in the whole area is home.
  No time schedule, no Sundays, no weekdays.

But what has to be done is done
(today or tomorrow!).

There is so much to do that days are too short.
We enjoy this life. Many people think that we are lucky and even envy us.

But do not live here who just wants.

If it helps to be a bit crazy, it is fundamental to have a special state of mind, to be a strongly tied couple, to be a jack of all trades and to be very busy all the day long.
  But without stress!